Disavow by Jessica Frelow


when I bleed into your mouth,

don’t split me open again,

to rejoice in the ignorance that got us here, 

a prop to revert memories to a well of illusions.

——————-i refuse to stay, 

but you deny my plea to quell the danger in my mind—

you know what lies here.

a vow to succumb to the fragility that

blackens the art of your soul

wielding canisters to salt my wounds

gorging in terror to keep me up at night

feed on the fear that chains me—   

still, you stand. in the shadow of the light,

carving your likeness on my thoughts,

to expose me forever. 

Bio: Jessica Frelow is an emerging writer. Her work has been featured in Versification and The New York Times Metropolitan Diary. Find her on twitter @thefrelow.

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