Lunch With My Sister

Lunch With My Sister

Mallory opens the door and smiles at me. Her kiss leaves a smear of purple lipstick on my cheek. I can feel it cooling as we walk through the house. The dress she’s wearing is of some shimmery black stuff that clings to her when she moves.

I follow her to the bathroom, where she puts the finishing touches on her make up.

“Is it really that bad?” she asks her reflection in the mirror. I know she’s talking to me.

Sighing, I look down at my faded jeans. I feel unkempt and insignificant now that I’m here. I was always the one who dressed down, who tried to fit in. The old feelings of being different tug at me. 

“College is ok. I like my classes. It’s being out there.” I wave my hand toward the door. “There are so many things that I have to be careful of.” 

“Are you making new friends?” She takes the wand of her mascara and swipes at her eyelashes. 

Nodding, I think about my last date. He was cute. We went to a nice restaurant and he ordered steak. Only he ordered it rare. I don’t remember the conversation we had, but I remember he asked me back to his apartment and I said yes. 

“People are nice for the most part. That’s not the problem.” In my mind I see the boy and what happened at his apartment.

Uncapping her purple lipstick, she touches her upper lip with the soft waxy substance.

“Stay for lunch. I invited some people over when you said you were coming. It’s been a long time since we had lunch together, just the two of us.” She smiles at me, her teeth white and sharp. 

From the front of the house I hear the doorbell. Our eyes lock in the mirror.

“Well?” she asks. “The boys are waiting. Shall we?”

Bio: A native of Chicago, Illinois US, Susan L De Miller she/her now lives in a small town in Eastern South Dakota US with her husband and dog. She is fond of gardening, photography, weaving, yoga and meditation. Her work has appeared in Rose City Sisters, Spillwords, Blue Lake Review, Flash Fiction Friday, Mooky Chick, Silver Birch Press and Plum Tree Tavern.  She is currently at work on her first novel.  @SusanLDeMiller1

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